Desktop Heap limitation

When running lots of applications, one may notice a moment where no more windows can be opened. This is the Desktop Heap limit; you will see this logged in the Event log as “A desktop heap allocation failed”

Back when I was running Windows Xp I hit this limit quite often (because of my working habits). The solution was to increase the limit; for this one needs to edit a specific registry key (always backup first!):

“Now playing” Windows 7 gadget mod

One of the gadgets I started using recently is the “Now Playing” gadget.

One issue I noticed though is its inability to display the trackname for tracks which lack the ID3 tag. The widget would just switch to its “Play a file in Winamp” message. So after a bit of tinkering, I managed to get it to use the track filename and display that instead…

Disable extended media information on videos and images

Windows Xp reads information from media to let you find out properties (width, height, bitrate and/or others) of avi, mpg, asf, etc. files. This “behavior” can lock your avi files from being deleted, moved or renamed, and sometimes it’s just plain annoying. To disable this action, use Regedit to delete …

How to repair Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

This error might occur if Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) components are missing or not registered correctly. This error manifest itself, among others, by not displaying any more processor information in System Properties, and by returning a “Class no registered” error message after running the “systeminfo” command. Registering the WMI components …