Below are some applications or tools I patched up in time and I found worthy of sharing with the rest of the world. This list is not complete.


Custom Keyboard Layout v20150121 This is a custom keyboard layout which includes specific central and eastern-European accent letters accessible using the AltGr key. See extra characters here. It is tested on Windows 7 but should work on all editions (both 32 and 64bit builds are included).
Nightwatch (win32)
Nightwatch is a little utility to hang around in your system tray and run scheduled actions after at a specific moment.
Nightwatch is useful in scheduling your computer to start/stop playback of two separate programs and turn your monitor on or off without your intervention – either at night or in the morning.
Of the actions it can perform:
– play, pause or stop Winamp
– play, pause, stop or close BSPlayer
– turn monitor on or off
The configured actions can be set to run after a specific amount of time or at a specific time of the day.
Uname (CLI)
Uname is a replacement of the Linux “uname” command for Windows operating systems. It will display the OS version information in almost the same manner the original “uname” program does.
Uptime (CLI)
Uptime is a replacement of the Linux “uptime” command for Windows operating systems. It will display the system’s uptime in days, hours, mins and secs (at a maximum of about 44 days – the maximum Windows supports). It also displays the current logged in username, and the CPU load.


Below is an incomplete list of third party tools I find useful and noted down for future reference

General purpose

4K Video Downloader – video downloader
7 Taskbar Tweaker – taskbar behaviour tweaker
Advanced File Organizer (commercial) – disk catalogue
Advanced Find and Replace (commercial) – batch file search and replace
Advanced Renamer – batch renaming utility
AMP WinOFF – shutdown scheduler
AnyDesk – remote desktop
AutoHotkey – keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys scripting
Chameleon Startup Manager (commercial) – startup control panel
Equalizer APO – system-wide sound equalizer
f.lux – auto-adjusts a display’s colour temperature
Fraps (commercial) – screen video recorder
Fiddler – web debugging proxy
HostsMan – hosts file manager
HTML Colors – colour code picker
HxD Hex Editor – hex editor
IcoFX (v3 commercial / v2 free)  – icon and cursor editor
Inkscape – vector graphics
Instant Eyedropper – screen colour picker
Kodi (previously XBMC) – all purpose media home theatre
Mp3tag – bulk tag editor
MWSnap – screen and window snapper
Notepad++ – advanced text and source code editor
OSFMount – raw disk image mounter
Postman – API development environment
Rainmeter – desktop gadgets
Screamer Radio – internet radio client
SumatraPDF – open-source lightweight PDF viewer
TimeAdjuster – subtitle time synchronization/adjuster
TinyWall – lightweight management interface for the Windows firewall
Tweetz Desktop – Windows twitter client
WinDirStat – graphical disk usage analyzer
WinMerge – differencing and merging tool

System Tools

BatteryInfoView – laptop battery status and information
FileZilla Client / Server – (S)FTP client and server software
HotSwap! – friendly user interface for “Safely Remove Hardware”
Keyboard Locker – utility to lock the keyboard
LockPC – utility to lock the keyboard and mouse/touchpad
Memtest – RAM tester for Windows
Postpone Restart – auto-postpone Windows updates restart
Process Explorer – Windows processes explorer
PuTTY – SSH, telnet and serial client
RAMMap – physical memory analysis utility
ShellExView – shell extension manager
ShellMenuView – context menu manager
TaskbarArrange – rearrange taskbar buttons (in 9x and Xp)
WirelessNetView – wireless network monitor
WinMTR – visual traceroute utility
WinSCP – SFTP and FTP client
WizMouse – mouse wheel enhancement

USB Tools

Rufus – bootable and live USBs
SDFormatter (v4) – official SD memory card formatter
unetbootin – live USBs
Universal USB Installer – live Linux USB creator
Win32DiskImager – raw disk image reader and writer
WinSetupFromUSB – bootable Windows USB creator
YUMMI – multiboot USB creator

Media tools

Audacity – audio editor and recorder
Avidemux – video editor
foobar2000 – audio player, ripper and transcoder
Handbrake – video transcoder
Media Player Classic – all purpose media player
MP4Joiner – does what the name implies
VLC Media Player – all purpose media player with built-in codecs
winLAME – ripper and mp3 encoder

System Info

AIDA64 (commercial) – system information
Bluescreenview – Windows crash dump analyser
CommView for WiFi (commercial) – network monitor and analyser
CPU-Z – CPU and motherboard info
Crystal Disk Mark – disk benchmark
GPU-Z – graphics card info
GPU Caps Viewer – graphics card info
HW Monitor (free & commercial) – system state monitor
Open Hardware Monitor – system state monitor

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