Microsoft’s uptime utility

Microsoft’s uptime utility

A long time ago I found a nice little application handy at displaying Windows’ uptime. It’s been running fine on any version since Windows XP all the way up to the (disastrous) 8.

Simply download and extract the uptime.exe executable to your Windows, System32 or SysWOW64 folder and you’ll be able to use it by simply typing uptime in a Command Prompt.

UPTIME, Version 1.01
(C) Copyright 1999, Microsoft Corporation

Uptime [server] [/s ] [/a] [/d:mm/dd/yyyy | /p:n] [/heartbeat] [/? | /help]
server          Name or IP address of remote server to process.
/s              Display key system events and statistics.
/a              Display application failure events (assumes /s).
/d:             Only calculate for events after mm/dd/yyyy.
/p:             Only calculate for events in the previous n days.
/heartbeat      Turn on/off the system's heartbeat
/?              Basic usage.
/help           Additional usage information.


  1. It was nice to try this again, but sadly it gives the wrong results. It’s better to try this in powershell Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_OperatingSystem | Select-Object LastBootUpTime

  2. Thanks you for the download link! 👍

    Win8 may have been terrible, but 8.1 solved most issues, and had better features, better ui generally, which fixed numerous usability issues in Win7, and nicer animations (not to mention support for newer tech, including nvme drives, usb3, etc out-of-the-box), and more stable compared to WIn10/11.

    But Win8/8.1 was a step in the wrong direction, taking away user customisations.

    It’s still the only viable OS though.

    Windows 10 and 11 are a nightmare, even less customisation and taking away control from users, hostile to user privacy, an OS controlled by Microsoft whereby they change whatever they want whenever they want to push an update, and not to mention the biggest of all disasters in randomly deleting user data with updates!

    Win 10/11 are by far the worst products, far, far worse than even Vista! And I hate the trend towards a phone-like interface and replacing a great control panel with a child-like phone experience (like the stupid new bloated calculator), even lack of stability (not surprising since the end-user is now doing QA testing)!

    Sadly I can’t see MS improving, and things will only get worse.
    Linux also isn’t a viable product due to the lack of an organised group, and a lot of in-fighting where anyone who doesn’t like anything, goes and forks yet-another-clone! Utterly stupid child-like mentality and end-users suffer as a result. Imagine if all those great devs were organised under 1 Linux organisation, like Mozilla, what they could achieve.

  3. Excellent, still one of the best uptime methods available. I have used it for decades, in Win XP, 7, 10 – never used it on other OS’s like Vista, Win8 as they are horrible and I have avoided them like the plague. So far no issues with x32 x64, all Win10 releases.

    Dave Henderson

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