Adding static DNS records on DD-WRT

Adding static DNS records on DD-WRT

Ever needed to manually control host/domain IPs using the hosts file? Well, good thing most computers have a hosts file but what do you do with other devices that do not support such a feature.

If you’re running a DD-WRT router, by using DNSMasq the DNS change will work for all devices that connect to your router, including mobile devices.

So what do you have to change in DD-WRT? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log into the administration interface and go to the Services tab.
  2. Find the DNSMasq section and make sure the DNSMasq option is enabled.
  3. In the Additional DNSMasq Options box type in your local DNS configurations (one entry per line):
    where host-or-domain refers to the machine name (or domain name) you want to customize the address for and ip-address is the numeric IP address
  4. Save and Apply and you should be all set.

If your devices don’t see the changes right away try restarting them to clear the DNS cache.

More information: DD-WRT wiki


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