Dismount mounted drives that do not have letters in Computer Manager

Upon entering Computer Manager to remove the drive letters, the partitions do not have any letters assigned. In fact, no actions beside “Delete partitions” are present on the context menu. But the partitions show up in Windows Explorer as drives H: and K.

Luckily MOUNTVOL, a Windows utility (present in all Windowses since Xp) “creates, deletes, or lists a volume mount point”.

Raspberry PI as NAS

A friend of mine was wondering about using a Raspberry PI as a NAS, the question being: how fast is the PI at file transfers from/to an external hard disk connected via a USB rack.

So I booted up my PI, mounted some random 3.5 inch Samsung 160GB SATA hard drive inside another random Spire USB-SATA external (powered) rack and gave it a go at some testing.