Solving WordPress unable to upload media – another way

Working with Wordpress installations all the time, I get to encounter the weirdest issues. One of theme is the all-known “unable to upload media”, translated by Wordpress to a clear and yet useless message.

First step is, naturally, to check permissions. But what do you do when permissions are perfect, and yet Wordpress can’t upload?

WordPress incorrectly loads styles, scripts via HTTPS and the solution

I’ve recently stumbled upon the weird issue of Wordpress loading its styles and scripts via HTTPS although it wasn’t configured to use SSL. The website did indeed have a SSL certificate installed and usable.

I eventually found some useful information about Wordpress’ is_ssl() function…

Modding WP CodeFreeze to lock bbPress as well

CodeFreeze is a very handy plugin that helps you freeze the state of your Wordpress website before and during a move (to a new server, for example). The only minus I found so far is that it doesn’t (yet) include support for the bbPress Wordpres plugin as well, leaving all forums open for new topics and replies.

Thankfully, making CodeFreeze handle bbPress as well only requires a couple of new lines of code…

PHP script to add WordPress admin user

I recently needed to add a new administrator username to a Wordpress install.

Doing this manually via SQL is not the most difficult task in the world, but it can be quite a challenge as it requires special access (either to mysqladmin or something like phpMyAdmin) and SQL knowledge.

Plus there’s a always room for error when messing around with SQL data.