Some applications or tools I patched up along the way and I found worthy of sharing with the rest of the world. This list will never be complete.

Custom Keyboard Layout
This is a custom keyboard layout which includes specific central and eastern-European accent letters accessible using the AltGr key. See extra characters here. It is tested on Windows 7 but should work on all editions (both 32 and 64bit builds are included).

Nightwatch (win32)
Nightwatch is a little utility to hang around in your system tray and run scheduled actions after at a specific moment.
Nightwatch is useful in scheduling your computer to start/stop playback of two separate programs and turn your monitor on or off without your intervention – either at night or in the morning.
Of the actions it can perform:
– play, pause or stop Winamp
– play, pause, stop or close BSPlayer
– turn monitor on or off
The configured actions can be set to run after a specific amount of time or at a specific time of the day.
Uname (win32-cli)
Uname is a replacement of the Linux “uname” command for Windows operating systems. It will display the OS version information in almost the same manner the original “uname” program does.
Uptime (win32-cli)
Uptime is a replacement of the Linux “uptime” command for Windows operating systems. It will display the system’s uptime in days, hours, mins and secs (at a maximum of about 44 days – the maximum Windows supports). It also displays the current logged in username, and the CPU load.

Below is an incomplete list of third party tools I find useful and noted down for future reference

General purpose

Advanced File Organizer (commercial) – disk catalogue
Advanced Find and Replace (commercial) – batch file search and replace
Advanced Renamer – batch renaming utility
AMP WinOFF – shutdown scheduler
AnyDesk – remote desktop
Chameleon Startup Manager (commercial) – startup control panel
DisplayFusion (commercial) – multi-monitor manager
Fraps (commercial) – screen recorder & FPS counter
Fiddler – web debug proxy
HostsMan – hosts file manager
HTML Colors – colour code picker
HxD Hex Editor – hex editor
IcoFX (v3 commercial / v2 free)  – icon and cursor editor
Inkscape – vector graphics editor
Instant Eyedropper – screen colour picker
ISx – InstallShiled installer extractor
Kodi (previously XBMC) – all purpose media home theatre
Mdf to ISO – mdf/mds to iso converter
Meld – diff and merge tool
Mp3tag – bulk tag editor
MWSnap – screen and window snapper
Nextcloud – file hosting and sync service suite
Notepad++ – advanced text and source code editor
Notepad2 – drop-in advanced replacement for Notepad
OSFMount – raw disk image mounter
PDFCreator – virtual PDF printer
Postman – API development environment
Rainmeter – desktop gadgets
Revo Uninstaller (free/commercial) – uninstaller
Screamer Radio – internet radio client
ScreenToGif – screen recorder with GIF/AVI output
SE-TrayMenu – tray apps menu
SumatraPDF – open-source lightweight PDF viewer
SyncBack (commercial/free) – backup/sync manager
Syncthing – peer2peer files syncronization
SyncTrayzor – Windows client for the above
TimeAdjuster – subtitle time synchronization/adjuster
Tweetz Desktop – Windows twitter client
UwAmp – AMP server for Windows
WinDirStat – graphical disk usage analyser
WinMerge – diff and merge tool

Windows Usability Fixes

7 Taskbar Tweaker – taskbar functionality tweaker
AutoHotkey – keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys scripting
Equalizer APO – system-wide sound equalizer
f.lux – auto-adjust screen colour temperature
Open Shell Menu – start menu replacement
O&O ShutUp 10 – anti spy/telemetry tool
Process Lasso (commercial) – CPU optimization & automation
simplewall – lightweight firewall solution
TinyWall – lightweight admin interface for the Windows firewall
Ultimate Windows Tweaker – its name says all
Winaero Tweaker – also pretty self-explanatory
WuMgr – Windows updates manager

Data Migration / Cloning

Acronis TrueImage (commercial) – data backup/cloning
EaseUS Todo PCTrans (free/commercial) – data migration
Laplink PCmover (commercial) – data migration
Macrium Reflect (free/commercial) – data backup/cloning

USB Tools

Rufus – bootable and live USBs
SDFormatter (v4) – official SD memory card formatter
unetbootin – live USBs
Universal USB Installer – live Linux USB creator
Win32DiskImager – raw disk image reader and writer
WinSetupFromUSB – bootable Windows USB creator
YUMMI – multiboot USB creator

System Tools

BatteryInfoView – laptop battery status and information
FileZilla Client / Server – (S)FTP client and server software
HotSwap! – friendly user interface for “Safely Remove Hardware”
Keyboard Locker – utility to lock the keyboard
LockPC – utility to lock the keyboard and mouse/touchpad
Memtest – RAM tester for Windows
Postpone Restart – auto-postpone Windows 7 update restart
Process Explorer – Windows processes explorer
PuTTY – SSH, telnet and serial client
RAMMap – physical memory analysis utility
ShellExView – shell extension manager
ShellMenuView – context menu manager
TaskbarArrange – rearrange taskbar buttons (9x and Xp)
WirelessNetView – wireless network monitor
WinMTR – visual traceroute utility
WinSCP – SFTP and FTP client
WizMouse – mouse wheel enhancement

Media tools

4K Video Downloader – online video downloader
Audacity – audio editor and recorder
Avidemux – video transcoder
DVD Identifier – view optical media manufacturer information
DVD Shrink – transcode/resize DVD media
Exact Audio Copy – audio ripper/encoder
FFcoder – batch media transcoder
foobar2000 – audio player, ripper and transcoder
Handbrake – video transcoder
Media Player Classic – all purpose media player
MakeMKV – video/DVD/blu-ray transcoder
MeGUI – MPEG-4 tools
MKVtoolnix – Matroska tools
Mp3Tag – universal/bulk tag editor
MP4Joiner – does what the name implies
ProjectX – Java-based DVB-T (de)muxer
VidCoder – open source media encoder built around Handbrake
VLC Media Player – all purpose media player with built-in codecs
winLAME – mp3 ripper and encoder

System Info

AIDA64 (commercial) – system information
Bluescreenview – Windows crash dump analyser
CommView for WiFi (commercial) – network monitor and analyser
CPU-Z – CPU and motherboard info
Crystal Disk Mark – disk benchmark
GPU-Z – graphics card info
GPU Caps Viewer – graphics card info
HW Monitor (free & commercial) – system status monitor
Libre Hardware Monitor – system status monitor, fork of:
Open Hardware Monitor – system status monitor

System/Server Tools & Scripts

DD-WRT – open source firmware for embedded devices
DietPI – lightweight OS for SBCs
Home Assistant – open source home automation system
LibreELEC – Kodi support OS
motion – camera backend system
motionEye (OS) – web frontend / OS for motion
Munin – network and resource monitoring
OpenWrt – OS for embedded devices
PHP Server Monitor – monitoring script
phpVirtualBox – web UI for VirtualBox
pi-hole – network wide ad-blocker and filter
Smokeping – latency/availability tracker
Tomato (original) / FreshTomato – firmware for Broadcom devices
Tvheadend – TV streaming backend for Kodi/ELEC
Webmin / Virtualmin – server administration / hosting control panel
Zoneminder – video surveillance system

Last revised: 2023.01.21

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