BIOS Error Codes

AMIBIOS is a kind of BIOS manufactured by American Megatrends (AMI).

AwardBIOS is a kind of BIOS manufactured by Award, now owned by Phoenix Technologies.

Several custom implementations of the PhoenixBIOS system exist in many popular motherboards. The beep codes from a Phoenix-based BIOS may be exactly the same as the true Phoenix beep codes or they may vary.

Encrypting Thunderbird email with OpenPGP

Email messages are at the moment the least secure method of transferring information. They are almost always written in plain-text, jumping around from server to server with anyone interested in eavesdropping on them able to do so.

To use an end-to-end PGP encryption with Thunderbird, you’ll need to install Enigmail (Thunderbird extension) and GnuPG…

Skip Avira’s Free Antivirus reboot request on updates

If you’re using Avira’s Free antivirus and are a mad computer user like me that never reboots his computer (unless something blows up), you might have noticed that Avira periodically updates its program (beside the virus definitions) and asks for a system restart to complete this.

Using rsync to syncronize files between two systems

Rsync is a very handy tool at synchronizing the contents of two folders/directories.

And while being great for local folders, it also works remotely, via SSH, thanks to the -e ssh parameter: # rsync -ave ssh sourceserver:/home/user/ /home/user will sync /home/user from the sourceserver with /home/user on the local machine.