Count occurences of character X in all files in current directory

If you ever need to count the occurences of a character in all (or some) files, this next series of commands would come in handy: Replace X with the character in question. The command is all in one line. “ls” can be replaced with a more specific list (eg: “ls …

How to install VMware Server 1.06 on Linux kernel 2.6.26

I updated my server’s operating system from Fedora Core 6 (on which VMware Server ran perfectly) to Fedora 8. Fedora 6 was running an older 2.6.25 (which VMware liked just fine), but Fedora 8 brought me the kernel, which caused a lot of trouble.
After spending 5 hours looking everywhere for a solution (I even thought the newer v1.08 would work on this kernel – but it didn’t), I considered writing down what I did to finally get my virtual machines up and running: