My RaspberryPI has arrived

My RaspberryPI has arrived

Yay! After around 4 months of waiting, it is finally here.  My very own Raspberry PI 🙂

By the looks of it I received a rev2 board which, among other small improvements, should feature 512MB of RAM instead of 256.

The board comes packed in a nice neat case (although pink/purple is really not one of my colours of choice), together with a quick start guide giving you the essential information on how to get the thing started and a little safety/regulatory leaflet.

The packaging
RaspberryPI neatly packed
RaspberryPI board, power adapter and see-through case

I’ve also ordered the standard power supply which provides 1200mA at 5V (should be enough for most connectible accessories) and the nice clear case (since I love seeing the PCBs)

Inside the see-through case

RapsberryPI is using a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC (ARM1176JZFS CPU at 700MHz and Videocore 4 GPU), it includes 512MB of RAM, 2 USB ports and an 100MBps Ethernet port.

Video connectivity is provided by a HDMI port and an analog RCA connector, while audio can be used with both the HDMI and the 3.5in stereo jack.

The operating system runs off the SD card (not included).

2 USB ports and the LAN port
RCA video out and 3.5in audio out
MicroUSB power in and SD card slot
HDMI connector

I haven’t gotten to boot it up yet. as I first need to locate one of my (micro)SD cards and a video cable. So expect a part two.

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