Undoing osTicket’s staff alert email change in 1.9.5

I’ve unpleasantly noticed that osTicket 1.9.5(.1) changed functionality and is now sending staff alert emails from the department email (if one is set). Old behaviour was to sent these alerts from the (configured) alerts email address. Some may prefer the new way better (this is most likely why it got …

Mod osTicket 1.7 to accept HTML in tickets

After updating osTicket to its latest stable release, I had to redo the mod to make it accept HTML messages (too bad this hasn’t already been added, at least as an option, to the core).

After digging around quite a bit around the completely re-arranged codebase, I eventually found that it’s actually even simpler than in 1.6.

We need to change one line in include/class.thread.php…

Mod osTicket 1.6 to accept HTML in tickets content

osTicket is a great open source support/ticketing system.

The only serious limitation I found so far is its inability to display HTML in support tickets – a feature deeply required when providing support for web components.

Fortunately, this can be improved. To make osTicket stop stripping HTML, we need to change two lines in the include/class.ticket.php file […]